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Thread listing 2009 english version of dogmazic's newsletter:
here's april 09:

Hadopi, is it over or not?
So, after hot debates in Parliament, showing painful incompetence and partisanship from Culture Ministry, mediatic manipulations and so on, Hadopi (3 strike) law has been rejected by National Assembly: yet it's only a step in the process. N. Sarkozy wants it voted for its entertainment friends and lobbies, so that law will pass again. We keep on fighting it along with many associations, collectives, ONG…

If you want to read more:
http://knowfuture.wordpress.com/2009/04/10/hadopi-law-against-p2p-rejected-for-now/ http://arstechnica.com/tech-policy/news/2009/04/french-3-strikes-law-suffers-shocking-defeat.ars
French 3 strikes law up again on April 29: http://www.p2pnet.net/story/20437
and: Europe says No! to French anti-P2P plan: http://www.p2pnet.net/story/20700

Musique libre! association's activities are focused on Hadopi, for instance we will, together ith the Libre Accès collective (we are one of founders) and FrenchDataNetwork (associative historic french provider), participate in the traditional May 1st parade: we will be present in the Journalists syndicates march with No to hadopi banners. Some parts of the law are directed against net-neutrality and freedom of speech.

What's new on dogmazic.net?

Now the site has a player! PeLF, dev. team member, did it! He wrote it using Flex (open source framework for flash apps development) http://dogmazic.net/player/ and keeps working on it day and night ;) It's beta still, but functional already. Please have a look and test it; comment and report here: http://blog.dogmazic.net/2009/04/dogma-player-10-beta-2 - french mainly, but english welcome ;)

What's new on pragmazic.net?
If you want to support libre music artists and labels, just visit pragmazic.net, our online shopping platform for libre music. New entries: hardcore techno from “Impulsions destructrices” netlabel hits strong with “R6.3zist” and “Matrakage” albums. http://pragmazic.net/bin/accueil.php?lang=en

Long awaited “tdBt and the garys”'s electronica turn up with new album: Garys dans la brume (garys in the mist). http://www.pragmazic.net/tdBt_a_the_Garys

And we're glad to present you Na Na Na Ro, 3rd opus of “The wedding soundtrack”, solo project turned trio, who offers us a somewhere between turmoil and softness. http://www.pragmazic.net/The_Wedding_Soundtrack

What's new on automazic.net?
Summer holidays will have a special taste on Vendée's coast: 2 automazic (interactive media boxes), will be installed on the beach for tourist's pleasure. It's a world first! Then they will be deployed in the region's media libraries. http://automazic.net/

Dogmazic and you Donations:
Our recent donation call has been a great success, the gauge has never been that high. We thank heartfully the many of you who responded, and thanks a lot to those who will follow them: your support is great help to us, keeping the site alive and all the projects we are engaged in. http://www.dogmazic.net/static.php?op=gauge/accueil.php

contact: asso[at]dogmazic[dot]net

Dogmazic.net is: 2598 hours of music available, that's 32277 tracks by 3092 bands and 225 labels under 33 licenses streamed or downloaded 75407069 times in 1556 days, peacefully and legally.

Thanks for your attention. dogmazic team.

http://dogmazic.net/ - http://pragmazic.net/ - http://automazic.net/ -
http://libreacces.org/ - http://www.artischaud.org

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