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novembre -1 modifié dans Dogmazic's life
Hello, there's some important things to know about Dogmazic, so I will try to sum up for English readers. Please note that I am not a member of the Dogmazic team and this message is not in any way official. And, my English being what it is, I apologize for misspelling and so on.

-hardware failure :

since about two weeks, most of the songs in the archive are now unreachable. The only reachable songs are the ones that were posted after the failure, so only an handful. But any other song in the archive can no longer be download nor be streamed.

A RAID controller failed, leaving the hard disks it drove in an inconsistent state. The sysadmins are working hard in order to try to recover everything, but for now this is unsure, if each and every song will be recovered, and even, if there will be some songs recovered.

-gathering :

Some of the Dogmazic/Musique Libre ! founders are now wishing to leave the organization. A gathering is planned in Paris for November, 5, in a place that still has to be selected, and decisions will be taken for the future of the volunteer organization and the future of the site itself.

Thanks for reading, bye,


[edit : spelling]


  • This message is once again non-official. I wrote it on my own to tell English speaking people what is going on.

    There's a poll currently running on the forum, in this thread - the poll will end at the end of the day, Paris or GMT timezone, I am unsure :


    The first option of the poll means :

    We do not try to recover the datas from the failing hard disk drives. Instead of that, we use the newest usable backup. This will mean that about 5000 to 10000 files will be lost ; but, among these 5000 or 10000 tracks, any tracks from the artists that did not unchecked the 'I want my music to be available trough endpoints that are installed into non-commercial places' will be also restored, that is to say about 80 or 90% of these 5000/10000 files. So actually there will be only about 500 to 2000 files that will have to be re-uploaded, this means 250 to 1000 tracks since there's two file for each track, one in ogg format and one in mp3 format.

    As a reminder, Dogmazic as a whole used to featured 50000 tracks, that is to say 100000 files.

    The second option of the poll means :

    We try to recover the datas. This implies spending money, and this is absolutely unsure that some tracks will be actually restored this way ; this would only be an attempt, and would imply an extended downtime, with no ability to post new tracks for two weeks or more.

    Well, you know it all. I got all these informations from the thread I mentioned above. Please note that for now, about 97% of the people who participated to the poll selected the first option.

    Bye !

    [edit : maths]

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