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d4gm0, an unofficial Dogmazic application

novembre -1 modifié dans Dogmazic's life

I'm here to talk you a bit about d4gm0, which is a little application allowing to stream and/or download from the Dogmazic archive.

With d4gm0 you can stream or download wide song selections. If you select the 'download' option, the software will create an artist/album directory structure, and can even attempt to download album covers and projects' logos.

To get the latest version go to https://sourceforge.net/projects/d4gm0/

The software is in English language.

The README is in French. I suggest to autotranslate it before trying to use the software, and I would like to stress on the following points :

-you will need Mono (on LInux/UNIX/Mac OS) or DotNet (on Windows) to execute this software. Both are available for free, and Mono is open-source.

-Please do not select a too wide date range, or you will end up with an 'out of memory' error, even if you got a pretty much decent memory amount.

There's some screenshots available on Sourceforge by the way.

Bye !

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