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Dogmazic/Musique Libre general meeting today Nov 5 3pm GMT+1

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[edit : radio link corrected]


This is an unoficial mesage posted by a simple user, just to tell you that :

Musique Libre ! is having a general meeting today in Paris, in which Musique Libre ! members with their fee up to date will vote for the new board, among other things.

You can join the chatroom through IRC here

server : irc.freenode.net
channel : #dogmazic

The meeting is broadcasted on Radio Dogmazic... This is in French as far as I know :


A debriefing document will be written in real time and can be viewed here - also in French :


If you are a member from the volunteer organisation, you will be able to vote for each point trough the member forum :


Bye !

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